Learn How to Upload Photos on OkCupid

To Upload Photos on OkCupid, you have to Access the OKCupid website. You need to Log in to your account using your user name as well as password. After that, Click “My Photos” in the left panel and click “Upload a Photo.” Then, Click the location where your photos are saved. You need to click either “On the Web” or “On My Computer.”
Next, click “Choose File” if the picture is on your computer. You should pick the picture to upload. You must click “Next” to upload the photo. You can Click “Finished” and the photo will be saved to your profile. Forth, enter your photo’s URL if the picture is available online. You have to Right-click the picture’s image and click “Copy Link Address” to get the URL.

You need to click “Next” and the picture will be uploaded. You must Click “Finished” to save the photo to your profile.

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